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Nininho Vaz Maia throws the party in Lisbon

Sagres Campo Pequeno

Lisbon hosted the biggest flamenco and pop party, with a fantastic concert by Nininho Vaz Maia, who continues to surprise and delight everyone attending his concerts. Yesterday, unsurprisingly, he filled Campo Pequeno.

Nininho made his debut at Sagres Campo Pequeno after selling out the Coliseu dos Recreios and fantastic concerts in iconic venues in Portugal, the Lisbon concert was not only great but also an excellent and grand production.

Nininho Vaz Maia < 2023.12.02 < Sagres Campo Pequeno ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

“Raízes”, “E Agora”, “Gosto de Ti”, “Bailando”, “Pegate a mi” but also “Bebé”, a partnership with Matias Damásio, all played at Campo Pequeno to the delight of the fans, who no one could keep in the chairs, with him they sang in unison. They danced from start to finish, in a show full of light and joy.

Nininho Vaz Maia combines Flamenco with pop, with an impressive timbre, which captivates everyone who listens to it, quickly racked up more than 89 million organic views on its YouTube channel, and as usual imposes a frantic rhythm to the concerts, but also a lot of joy and sympathy, yesterday he invited members of the public again to dance and sing with him on stage, very emotional moments in all the concerts.

Nininho Vaz Maia < 2023.12.02 < Sagres Campo Pequeno ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

The surprise would come close to the end, with the arrival on stage of Tony Carreira who came to sing with Nininho his most recent song, “Volta”, which left a lot of tears in the corners of the eyes of the fans who were present.

A fantastic night with the signature Everything is New, which will be repeated on the 15th in Porto, at the Super Bock Arena.

Nininho Vaz Maia < 2023.12.02 < Sagres Campo Pequeno ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

See here the photos of Nininho Vaz Maia’s concert at Sagres Campo Pequeno

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