Nintendo’s Jump Rope Challenge helps you keep fit for free

Nintendo’s embracing the spirit of lockdown, even if it’s on its way to being over in some countries around the world, by releasing a new, bitesize home fitness game for free on the Switch.

Jump Rope Challenge is a simple proposition, and looks like it’s been executed with aplomb. Players simply hold the two Joy-Cons from their Switch, as they would the handles of a jump rope, and jump while swinging the controllers to complete a jump.

The starting goal is to complete 100 jumps a day, but players can adjust that goal to whatever is most realistic for them, and the game will track your totals over time so that you can see how you’ve been doing.

It also lets you use a silent mode if you’ve got downstairs neighbours or sensitive housemates, bending your knees without jumping instead – a lot like the silent jogging mode in Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure.

The little game is available for free as of now on the Nintendo eShop, and interestingly is a limited-time release.

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