Ninth edition Artists’ ateliers with free entry between today and Sunday

The 9th edition of the Artists’ Workshop Opening, in which experts and the public can visit 51 workspaces of artists in Lisbon, and dialogue with the authors, will take place between now and Sunday.

According to the organization, the initiative, initiated in 2009, is inspired by the pioneering Ouvertures d’Ateliers d’Artistes (OAA), in the French city of Marseille, under the responsibility of the Château de Servières Association .

The free entry event is aimed at the dialogue between emerging or established artists with gallerists and collectors, critics and students, but above all with the general public.

This year, in which 194 artists, Portuguese and foreign, participate, there are studios where they develop drawing, painting, sculpture or ceramics, engraving, serigraphy, photography or video, illustration or multimedia, installation or performance – in a panorama of the various languages ​​and tendencies of contemporary art.

In this 9th edition, the initiative extends beyond the miles that are mapped on the map of Lisbon – covering a planetary scale, according to the organization, through the Global Virtual program, which enables, with a computer application, a ” visit “to the studios of several creators based in foreign cities.

For each participant to prepare their course in this opportunity to contact the creative spaces, and exchange impressions with the artists, there is a map, available at the National Society of Fine Arts, and a website ( with all the information required.

This year, the Agua Forte Engraving Association, Associação Goela, the workshops 16 A, Alcântara, Ana Maria Horta, Bombarda, Camilo Alves, Castelo, Colin Ginks, Concorde, Cristina Ripper, Daniela Reis, das Escadinhas, Fernando Silva Ferreira, Gáveas, Grilo, Guilherme, Inês Cannas, Inês Sampayo, International of Fine Arts and Ateliê João Fitas.

Also involved are the workshops of Manas, Ourique’s Villa, Pando, Paraíso, Rodrigo Bettencourt da Câmara and Teresa Palma, Rui Cunha Viana, from São Bento, Sara Domingos, Sara Maia, Xavier Ovídio, Vieira Ribeiro, Vila Sousa, Contraprova – Ateliê de Engraving, Space 62, Production Space, knife and amidar.

To these they join the Faculty of Fine Arts, Habitat Improver, HANGAR, Slightly Left-Handed, MHooc, Atelier MILL – Makers in Little, Lisbon Mito Creative Site, OnduLAr Atelier, Páteo 27, Roundabout.Lx, Room 218, Sociedade Nacional de Belas Arts and P121.

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