On Instagram’s birthday, Kaspersky shares tips on how to use this platform safely

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Instagram celebrates its 11th anniversary today. Over this time, the company has undergone a profound transformation – evolving from a small photo-sharing service to the most popular social network in the world. According to data from eMarketer, Instagram reached 1,074 billion users worldwide in 2021. Today, these users can browse online stores, find people with similar interests, book a manicure, or even meet the love of your life.

Given the number of people accessing Instagram globally every day, Kaspersky experts remind users how to get the most out of Instagram without putting their personal data at risk. Thus, they leave some key tips to protect your personal data:

  1. Pay attention to your account’s privacy level, as it helps to prevent cyber attacks, which aim to keep your personal data. A good option is to place your private Instagram account, where your posts are only visible to the followers you approve.
  2. A safe option is to check, control and clean your digital footprint. However, you must remove information about payment methods from your Instagram account. Instructions on how to configure these parameters can be found in the iOS and Android apps. Additionally, you can remove your mobile number to prevent contact with strangers through this method.
  3. Another important aspect is securing your personal information – this will help prevent potential information leaks and control the information you share with the platform. Don’t sync your contacts – keep in mind that Instagram uses this information to follow the accounts of people you know or to expose you to advertising aimed at your interests.
  4. Another option is to block third-party applications that are connected to your account (eg by searched contacts, number of likes, etc.) as they may have access to your profile information, images, videos you’ve posted, lists you follow or subscriptions. By blocking these applications, you will eliminate unauthorized activity on your account and reduce the risk of information theft.
  5. Don’t use the same password on your Instagram account and other services, even if it’s tempting. In this case, if one of your accounts is stolen, the rest will not be affected. If you find it complex to memorize different and unique passwords, the password manager can help you to memorize just one “master” password.
  6. “Trust but check”: best practice to protect your devices and personal information. Malicious links can be sent by friends, colleagues or online gaming partners, compromising accounts in various ways. However, don’t forget to check links sent by friends before clicking – you can enter a web address directly in your browser. If an email contains a link, instead of clicking, first hover your cursor over it.
  7. Be very careful when posting scans or photos, especially when they come from documents concerning accounts, tickets or ID. It’s also a good idea to keep information about your location and travel schedule for yourself. This information can be used to find you when you’re out and about and cheat, or even steal more sensitive information – such as your bank’s credentials.

For more information and tips on protecting personal information and your Instagram account, visit the Kaspersky Privacy Checker service or the Kaspersky blog.

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