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At B.leza, a night of Mornas to warm hearts

It was a nostalgic Friday that was experienced, on the 22nd of October, at B.leza, a musical space in Cais do Sodré in Lisbon.

Welcome to Morna, Welcome to B.leza, this is a night of Mornas, welcome to the General Rehearsal.” It was with these words of Welcome that Cremilda Medina began what would become a great musical night.

A night full of nostalgia, history, life and dreams was what gave us Cremilda and her sweet voice.

Cremilda Medina > B.leza ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 20211022

At B.leza, in a room that was not full, it was very well made up of fans, who sang their Mornas with Cremilda, with no lack of anyone daring to dance.

During the concert, the artist was always revealing herself to the audience, talking to the audience, passing a posture of simplicity and sympathy, with a smile always on her face.

The audience, homesick for her roots, sings with her, a natural chorus that added beauty to a night of wonderful music.

It was wonderfully accompanied by Armando Tito and Stephan Almeida on the viola and José António on the cavaquinho, in themes such as Nôte de Mindelo”, “Isolada”, “Nha Coraçom Tchorá”, “Fada”, “Ess País”, “Desilusão dum Amdjêr”, “Areia de Salamansa”, “Um Sonho Cordode”, “Miss Perfumado”, “Doce Guerra”, “Xandinha”, “Amá sem Mêde” and “Mar Azul”.

Cremilda Medina > B.leza ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 20211022

Call to the stage for “just one more” repeats, to the delight of those present, “Xandinha

Owner of a voice with soul Cremilda Medina sang and enchanted with her Mornas, a style that, along with the Coladera, is better identified, reflecting the people of Cape Verde.

Cremilda Medina is from Mindelo, Cape Verde, and has several international awards on her resume. She confesses to admirer of the Diva dos Pés Barescalços, Cesária Évora and Tito Paris, and of Cape Verdean writers and poets, B. Léza, Manuel de Novas, Antero Simas, Amandio Cabral or Abílio Duarte.

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