Noble presents the new video “I Give Up”

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In “I Give Up”, Noble explores the pain and heartache that always accompany the final moments of a relationship where love is no longer enough.

Goodbye is never easy. When the flame of a passion goes out and we are forced to move on, longing gets the better of us.

In “I Give Up”, Noble turns this pain into a poetic and genuine message, full of bittersweet verses, but always sincere in her intention. With a background painted lightly by the melancholy tones of the piano and the progressions of the string section that dominate the most emotionally charged moments in the second half of the track.

Hovering over the instrumental compositions is Noble’s voice, dominated by the bitterness of imminent separation, but always decisive and sure in delivery. “I Give Up” grants a story with an unhappy ending, but that speaks directly about a romantic outcome present in the lives of many of us – when love is consummated, and all that remains are the memories of the good times of a past that can never be recovered.

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