Noiserv announces concerts in Lisbon

January 17th to 21st at Teatro Taborda

Two years after the release of “Uma Palavra Iniciada por N”, the most recent album of originals, Noiserv announces a season of concerts in Lisbon for the beginning of 2023. From the 17th to the 21st of January, the musician will be residing at Teatro Taborda.

One of the most beautiful venues in Lisbon often considered the pearl of the city, welcomes the musician for a series of five intimate concerts where his entire discography will be revisited: “Uma Palavra Started by N” (2020), “00:00 :00:00” (2016), “Almost Visible Orchestra” (2013), “A Day in the Day of the Days” (2010), “One Hundred Miles from Thoughtlessness” (2008) and “56010-92” (2005) ).

All concerts start at 21:00 and tickets are already available.

“three-times-ten-eight-meters-per-second” in audiobook format

Noiserv’s first book was one of the winners of the Papies 2022 awards

In November 2021, Noiserv edited his first bookthree-times-ten-to-eight-meters-per-second”. A year later, the second edition is practically sold out and he was one of the winners of the Papies 2022 awards, a competition dedicated to Graphic Arts that since 1992 annually rewards the best communication works carried out in Portugal. “three-times-ten-elevated-to-eight-meters-per-second” was distinguished in the “cut and crease” category, for the most creative and original application.

As a way of celebrating, the musician edits this work in an audiobook version.

In a delicate and intense interpretation, actress Isabel Abreu gives voice to the words thought and written by Noiserv, leading listeners to discover all the beauty of “three-times-ten-elevated-to-eight-meters-per-second”. The sound designer was in charge of Noiserv himself, exploring the piano that we know so well.

As we are used to in his music, the book transports the reader to a dream place without ever neglecting a vision of the world in which we live.

three-times-ten-to-eight-meters-per-second” is a story that focuses on the details of the details. In meticulous and metaphorical writing, the author reflects on the speed at which we see each other and on the inevitability of rare meetings.

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