Noiserv releases 76 Songs

Soundtracks. Vol.2 and Soundtracks. Vol.3

The highlight is the song “Cem Anos de Mário Cesariny” composed by noiserv on the occasion of the Portuguese poet and painter’s centenary.

Three years after the release of Uma Palavra Comçada por N, noiserv’s last full-length, the musician is now releasing two albums in digital format: Soundtracks. Vol.2 and Soundtracks. Vol.3. Following Soundtracks. Vol. I edited in 2019, Soundtracks. Vol.2 and Soundtracks. Vol.3, brings together a total of 76 songs, the result of many collaborations in cinema, theater, dance, radio, and television.

Many of these works end up being unknown to the general public, remaining only in the ears of those who, in a given period, watched the show in question or were impacted by the content where it was possible to hear these themes that, now, it is possible to find in these compilations.

From the cinema world, the references present on these records range from the soundtrack of “Dispersos pelo Centro” by António Aleixo, to the original music composed for the award-winning short film “Desabitar” by Diana Antunes, as well as the music from the Côa Parque Foundation’s new promotional video, among others.

In terms of theater and dance, highlights include the show “A Estudante e o Sr. Henrique”, “Lisbon Legends”, “Pela Ponta do Nariz”, “O Deus das Moscas”, the sound design of “Festival Todos”, among many others.
On radio, the biggest highlight is the soundtrack of the Observador radio podcast, “O Sargento na Cela 7” and the generic podcast “Ponto de Desencontro” by Fnac Portugal.

In advertising, the musician combines on his albums the jingle composed for IKEA and the sound mantra composed for the Coliseu do Porto.

Finally, and being the only song not exclusively instrumental, the song “Cem Anos de Mário Cesariny” composed by noiserv on the occasion of the Portuguese poet and painter’s centenary stands out. The lyrics of the song come from the poem “In all the streets of encounter” by Mário Cesariny and part of an invitation from JumpCut by director Miguel Gonçalves Mendes to create the soundtrack for the audiobook of the “Os Surrealistas” project.

Soundtracks. Vol.2 and Soundtracks. Vol.3 is 3 hours of music made available by noiserv on all digital platforms.

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