White night in Loulé returns in 2023

To dispel some doubts raised by the sharing on social networks of news dated 2019, the Loulé City Council clarifies that the White Night – Algarve, which takes place in the city of Loulé, will only take place in 2023 and not this year, as is referred to.

The “official Algarve summer farewell party” will take place on the last Saturday of August next year, as it is a biannual event, which takes place in odd-numbered years. Remember that the last edition of the White Night took place in 2019, in 2021 the pandemic did not allow it to take place and now the city of Loulé only wears white again on August 26, 2023, with lots of animation, glamor and surprises, three of its brand images.

A pioneer in the country, White Night – Algarve was born in 2007, with the aim of marking the end of summer entertainment in the region. The event takes place in the city center of Loulé and proposes a cultural program with unique moments and unforgettable experiences. More than a hundred street artists with truly amazing performances give soul to a party that attracts thousands of visitors to the heart of the city of Loulé.

Chill out and electronic music accompanies the entire philosophy of the event. The focus on boosting trade is one of the key points, with stores open throughout the night, beautifully decorated shop windows, and discounts on their products.

The White Night – Algarve de Loulé became one of the most emblematic events in the country and its notoriety led to the model being replicated at the national level.

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