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Dance Night by Pedro Mafama

Sagres Campo Pequeno

Lisbon singer Pedro Mafama went to Sagres Campo Pequeno for a night of Bailecore, but he didn’t get the reception he expected, few danced the night away to the sound of the artist’s songs or saw his joy and energy on stage.

Campo Pequeno, this time was huge, for a concert that perhaps many thought would be full, but no, few felt attracted by Pedro Mafama’s Bailecore, but that didn’t deter him, perhaps it even motivated him, to give a concert with a lot of joy and energy and left everyone expectant about what comes next.

Pedro Mafama < 2024.05.10 < Sagres Campo Pequeno ©Luís M. Serrão @luisfmserrao

Mafama gave a concert for friends and family, with “Preço Certo”, which couldn’t be missed, a rap reminiscent of other times and he still had time to pay tribute to Cazuza.

It was with “O baile vai Aberto”, “Estrada” and “Alegria” that Pedro opened the concert in Lisbon, while “Preço Certo”, the song that launched him onto Portuguese radio stations and made him known to the Portuguese public, had closing honours.

Pedro Mafama < 2024.05.10 < Sagres Campo Pequeno ©Luís M. Serrão @luisfmserrao

A concert in which he was greatly loved by the fans who were present, who sang, danced and exchanged treats with him, Pedro also mentioned that “it was a long year, with many kilometres covered and many concerts from north to south of the country”, this ended the concert with signature Everything is New, thanking his family, friends and everyone who has supported him since the beginning of his career.

See here the photos of Pedro Mafama’s concert at Sagres Campo Pequeno

Pedro Mafama < 2024.05.10 < Sagres Campo Pequeno ©Luís M. Serrão @luisfmserrao


  • O baile vai começar
  • Estrada
  • Alegria
  • Virou!
  • Golo!
  • Marcha bonita
  • Vais a ver
  • Sem ti
  • Abismo
  • Lacrau
  • Jazigo
  • Estaleiro
  • Borboletas da noite
  • Tudo o que foi, é, e está para vi
  • Santo
  • Exagerado
  • Estranha magia
  • Não saio
  • Vida airada
  • Preço certo


  • Barulho barulho
  • Estrada
Pedro Mafama < 2024.05.10 < Sagres Campo Pequeno ©Luís M. Serrão @luisfmserrao

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