Halloween night at Casino Lisboa with the show “Royal Bloody Flush”

with free entry, at the Arena Lounge on October 31st

Casino Lisboa offers its visitors a surprising Halloween night in the spacious Arena Lounge. The program begins, at 11 pm, with the original show “Royal Bloody Flush”, by the artistic structure Laboratório, which combines original new circus performances with the best live music from the band “On The Rocks”.

At 00:30, it will be DJ João Afonso’s turn to provide musical entertainment. The invitation is scheduled for next Tuesday, October 31st. Entry is free, but for those who wish, there is also the alternative of a show with a table reservation. (RRP €32 per person, “Royal Bloody Flush” menu).

“Royal Bloody Flush” show
Get ready to dive into a world of mystery and magic with the “Royal Bloody Flush” show. Who told you that you’ve seen everything on Halloween night? Come and experience the most unusual night in Lisbon, with a strictly designed menu for you.

A show with acrobats, actors, dancers and singers united in an epic night of entertainment. A live music band and a mentalist that will challenge your mind and senses! Join us as we promise a Halloween night that goes beyond your wildest nightmares.

With an original concept, the show “Royal Bloody Flush” will be performed by around two dozen artists who harmoniously combine highly difficult new circus performances with engaging live music recordings from “On The Rocks”.

Innovative and full of dynamism, “Royal Bloody Flush” promises a very interactive record with the public. The show takes place over the course of an hour and a half, from the central stage, through the multipurpose stage and extending to the Arena Lounge galleries.

“Royal Bloody Flush” is distinguished by the experience of a diverse cast of artists: Bruno Miguel Rosa, Daniel Courinha, Diogo Leite, Inês Gameiro, Jo Moss, Kateryna, Leandro Morgado, Maria Ribeiro, Miguel Tira-Picos, Mónica Alves, Sara Madeira, Talita Gonçalves, Vanda Gameiro, Vitor Kpez.

DJ João Afonso sets
The festive night continues, at 00:30, with DJ João Afonso who goes up to the Juke Box booth to select the ideal records for an evening full of entertainment at the Arena Lounge.

João Afonso, a keen vinyl collector, showed his passion for the records he listened to at home from an early age. Dedicated and attentive to everything good that is done in this world, he shares his musical culture through various booths. It presents itself with a current style in which it circulates agilely in the most underground contexts, from House to Techno in a well-defined line, thus managing to transmit all the emotions contextualized in warm and rhythmic sounds.

Casino Lisboa invites its visitors to celebrate Halloween night, on October 31st, at 11 pm, with the “Royal Bloody Flush” show in the Arena Lounge. Entry is free, but for those who wish, there is also the alternative of a show with a table reservation.

Order our special menu, an experience inspired by themed films where we combine food and cocktails so that chilling memories can be enjoyed without fear! +351 916 350 679 (12 pm/9 pm) / • RRP €32 per person.

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, ticket place of sale, price, and availability.

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