Very rhythmic night at LUX Frágil at the debut of Bateu Matou

It was with the rhythms that stroll through Lisbon, this beautiful city full of world music and differences that make it richer, that the night of LUX Frágil opened up to the first work by Bateu Matou, “Chegou”.

The trio, Ivo Costa, RIOT and Quim Albergaria who give soul to this new project, in the company of a “family” of excellent artists who give their voice to the rhythms, sometimes taking us to more tropical areas, sometimes more hard and Nordic, but always very danceable.

Scúru Fitchadú, Héber Marques, Papillon, Irma, Toty Sa’Med, Favela Lacroix and Miguel Pité, were the voices that delighted the audience that was present at LUX Frágil, who unfortunately had to be seated and “dance” with only the chair, due to the measures still in place because of the pandemic.

In a concert that is repeated today, already sold out, it will certainly be as memorable as the first, and due to the success, many more that will follow, hopefully, soon, with the possibility of getting out of the chair and dancing to the beat of Bateu Matou.

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