Bullfighting Night with Mercedes Ruiz at Casino Estoril

November 24th, at 10pm

The Black and Silver Room at Casino Estoril hosts, on November 24th, at 10 pm, the show Tauromagia, by Mercedes Ruiz. It is a unique night in which flamenco dancing and bullfighting come together, providing multiple emotions for spectators.

“In this show, I propose investigating the interrelationships between flamenco/Andalusian dance (in its broadest sense) and bullfighting. This is not only from the artistic and aesthetic point of view of both creations but as a language for the expression of experiences, emotions and feelings of their protagonists: triumph/failure, dreams/realities, joy/pain, confidence/doubt, courage /fear…”, highlights Mercedes Ruiz.

“In choreographic development, the discursive processes of the two previously mentioned axes are intertwined and confused: that of the action itself and that of the emotionality of its protagonists”.

“Manolo Sanlúcar’s music enables and enhances this existential duality, as his Tauromagia is far from being just descriptive music (at the same time beautiful and deeply flamenco): it speaks, above all, of the composer’s impressions, emotions and feelings and of the human being: of their experiential and existential experience.”, explains Mercedes Ruiz.

The premiere of this show at the Seville Biennale, in 2016, was attended by Maestro Sanlúcar, who praised the musical adaptation made by Santiago Lara and was moved by the choreography and dance by Mercedes Ruiz, the essence of the original work maintained, creating an impactful show of maximum excellence.

Manolo Sanlucar passed away in 2022, it is with great pride that this year the Festival Flamenco Lisboa pays him this tribute by promoting the Flamenco masterpiece of all time.

The Black and Silver Room at Casino Estoril will host, on November 24th, from 10 pm, Tauromagia, a show by Mercedes Ruiz. M/6. Price: €30 to €40.

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, ticket place of sale, price, and availability.

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