Magic night with Rufus Wainwright and Vicente de Palma in Oeiras

1st Festival Jardim do Marquês

The second night of the Jardins do Marquês Festival, which takes place in Oeiras from the 4th to the 11th of July, took on stage the artists Vicente de Palma, in the 1st part, and Rufus Wainwright, in the 2nd part.

Vicente de Palma, pianist and singer, sang songs like “Bem Vindo“, “Juntamente” and with Joana Alegre, his guest tonight, they sang “Centro do Mundo” and “Dragão

Also with Vicente de Palma was Elísio, pianist/keyboards, who has his own project entitled “Gato Morto”. For one of the songs in this project, Vicente made a new arrangement that the three performed for the first time on the festival stage, “Frio Sítio”.

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In this concert, the artist sang songs from his album “Parto” released in 2012. Vicente de Palma has already enjoyed a 20-year career, having started in music at the age of 8 years.


Rufus Wainwright is the international guest of this Jardins do Marquês Festival.

At the beginning of his performance, he thanks everyone for their presence in his first re-entry on the post-covid stages. He says he loves playing in Portugal, he’s been here several times. He said that “it is great to be here (on stage, in Oeiras) and that he will sing songs from different periods of his career“.

Unfollow the Rules” is his last album released in 2020. The song “Unfollow the Rules” inspired by his daughter, who told him she will no longer follow him on social media, gave his album its name.

On stage at Jardins do Marquês she took themes like “The Art Teacher” and “My Little You” from the album “Want Two”; “Vibrate”, from the album “Vibrate”; “Out of Game” and “Jericho” from the album “Out of the Game”; “Only The People That Love” from the album “Unfollow the Rules”;

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Others were heard, “Moulin Rouge”, “Early Morning Madness”, “Poses” from the album “Poses”, “Gay Messiah”, “Go or Go Ahead”, “Going to a Town”, “Alone Time” and the mythical “Hallellujah”. And so many others were left to sing.

Rufus Wainwright is a New Yorker singer-songwriter. Since 1998 he has edited 7 albums of original songs, some EPs and several songs that were part of the soundtrack of numerous films, “I Am Sam” with a version of “Across The Universe“, and “Shrek” with a version of “Hallellujah “, are just a few examples.

Rufus Wainwright was acclaimed by Rolling Stone Magazine as Best Artist of the Year in 1998.

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