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Magic night of Bossa Nova

Seu Jorge and Daniel Jobim sing António Carlos Jobim

Bossa Nova continues to enchant wherever it is heard, this time the privilege went to those who traveled to the Altice Arena in Lisbon for a magical night with Seu Jorge and Daniel Jobim and the fantastic songs of António Carlos Jobim, grandfather of Daniel, the main responsible for some of the most beautiful compositions ever created.

António Carlos Jobim Brazilian composer and one of the main ones responsible for bossa nova has been sung by Brazilian artists, but not only, but João Gilberto and Caetano Veloso are also some of the many that carry the style created in the 50s in Rio de Janeiro, to everyone.
Daniel Jobim e Seu Jorge > Altice Arena ©Margarida Rodrigues – ineews < 2023.04.21

Altice received some of the most beautiful songs ever, which are part of our imagination, which we recognize at the first chord, Daniel and Seu Jorge gave all the magic to Tom’s themes, themes like ‘Retrato Em Branco E Preto’, ‘A Correnteza ‘, ‘Luísa’, ‘Só Danço Samba’, ‘Chega de Saudade’, ‘Samba do Avião’, ‘Águas de Março’, ‘Desafinado’ were some of the themes that can be heard,

But you couldn’t miss ‘Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar’, ‘Água De Beber’, ‘A Felicidade’, ‘Insensatez’, ‘Pra Machucar Meu Coração’, ‘Samba De Uma Nota Só’ and of course the theme that can never be missing, a hymn to Brazilian women, ‘Girl From Ipanema’, a night that only sinned for not being in a smaller room, so that you could appreciate all the chords, from beginning to end.



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