Nokia, Sony and Ericsson withdraw from Mobile World Congress 2021

The Mobile World Congress 2021 is one of the most relevant technology events in the world that saw its 2020 edition canceled due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

This year, in spite of everything, there is a set date and stricter rules. The organization estimates that this edition will count on the participation of 50 thousand people from June 28 to July 1. The evolution of the pandemic may, however, dictate its cancellation once again, but there are companies that are already moving away.

The organization of the Mobile World Congress recently announced that it wants to hold the event in person, hoping to receive around 50 thousand participants. However, the investment of a company to participate in an event of this type is quite high and the limitations to which they are subject may not compensate.

At a time when communication through digital platforms makes more and more sense and reaches an increasingly diverse audience, there are already several companies that are moving away from the event.

Sony was the first smartphone manufacturer to claim that it would have no physical presence at MWC 2021. Nokia also came to declare that it would not be physically present, even though it was preparing online actions for the event. Ericsson, along the same lines of thought, has also come to make similar statements. At stake, of course, remains the public health issues related to COVID-19.


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