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Nomad Fest 2019

A celebration of gypsy culture
Nomad Fest brings to Lisbon, for the first time, the combination of various Gypsy musical cultures. From Rajasthan, through the manouche music, crossing the flamenco from the Spanish lands to the Portuguese, until reaching the meeting point, which is the Braço de Prata Factory, on December 14, 2019, starting at 20h.

This is how the nomadic culture will approach the “workers” of the Braço de Prata Factory, once again a pioneer in a festival whose idea is not only inclusion, but the real appreciation of a rich and vast culture – such as Kora Fest.

In eight hours of programming, featured names from this music scene such as Rajasthan Boys, Diego El Gavi, Flamen4tet, Miss Manouche, Noninho & Pam Pam, DJ Johnny Selecta Tupimambo and Caesar Barbosa will occupy all our rooms.

As usual in our festivals, our cuisine will be devoted to the flavors of Gypsy root cuisine. The full menu will be released shortly.

Meet the headliners

Rajasthan Boys | The Rajasthani Boys are part of the Dil Mastana group, very well received in Lisbon last year. These artists are part of Rajasthan’s most famous traditional music community, where music is passed down from generation to generation. The repertoire includes ornate vocals, accompanied by “sindhi sarangi” and the classical tabla Hindustani (from northern India).

Diego El Gavi | With an undeniable talent and a very own style, Diego El Gavi has combined the typical elements of flamenco style with jazz and Latin music. In the concerts in his own name, he has already known names and equal musical excellence: in the flamenco guitar, Paulo Croft; at the piano, Victor Zamora; on electric bass, Leo Espinosa, and on drums and cajon, Marcelo Araújo.

Flamen4tet | Diego el Gavi, Ricardo Pinto (trumpet), Paulo Croft (guitar), as well as Sofia Abraços and João Pereira (ballet) are proof that Flamenco is not just Andalusian.

Miss Manouche | The 20/30 swing rhythm, the fiery passion of jazz manouche and the compelling figure of Django Reinhardt are the calling card of the Miss Manouche quartet.

Noninho & Pam Pam

DJ Johnny | Behind the turntables, Johnny played an important role in the evolution of dance music in the Portuguese club scene. Johnny also captivated thousands of listeners through radio programs on RCP, XFM, Radio Marginal and Radio Oxygen – and was one of the driving forces of the Portuguese drum’n’bass movement. In addition, it invests in the intersection of jazz, soul, hip hop, afro ridims and dancehallreggae sounds with the most modern languages ​​of music.

SelectaTupimambo | Whether in an intergalactic portal or on the orbit of a planet where Carnival is every day, Gonçalo Sal fuses psychedelic and progressive styles from acoustic to electronic, Afro to Latin, Balkan to swing and dub to drum ‘. no.

Caesar Barbosa | He had his first contact with music through his uncles’ guitar wheels in Brazil. In these family gatherings, he met genres such as brega, baião and many rhythms of the Brazilian Northeast. Already in adolescence, influenced by myths like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Thus, he began to dedicate himself entirely to music, starting his theoretical formation under the tutelage of names such as Williams Pereira and maestro Ian Guest.

Ticket to 10 € | Gives access to all festival concerts
Dinner 10 € per person
Ticket + Dinner 16 € per person

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