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Nora Chipaumire | Serralves

Interpretation | nora chipaumire, Shamar Watt, Atiyyah Khan and Kris Lee
Sound concept and artistic direction | nora chipaumire
Vinyl DJ | Atiyyah Khan
Digital DJ | Shamar Watt and Kris Lee
Sound design | Antek Mantorski
Technical direction | Roderick Murray
Text and letters | nora chipaumire
Scenography | Ari Marcopoulos, Kara Walker and Matt Jackson Studio
Light design and costumes | nora chipaumire
Coproduction | The Kitchen, Crossing the Line Festival and and Quick Center for the Arts at Fairfield University

Support | Fondation d’entreprise Hermès under the New Settings Program

Grace Jones is perhaps the first star who was black, feminine and without excuses for her presence that I fell in love with. In 100% POP work, I return to the ways in which information and knowledge are or were acquired by those who grew up in less free times – in times of Drum magazine, of African broadcasters, color bars, poverty, active connections to lifestyles rural and urban areas.

We approach all of this by mixing sounds from Grace Jones tracks, Zimbabwe chimureng music, dub and Black Noise.

nora chipaumire

100% POP is a tribute to Grace Jones, the famous singer, actress and model. As a black superstar, Jones had a profound influence on pop culture and introduced a new image of the black body. In an energetic monologue that combines voice, dance and music, nora chipaumire talks about Grace Jones’ discovery during her youth in Zimbabwe and her desire for independence. 100% POP is also a piece about the emancipation of the black body in which chipaumire embraces and challenges stereotypes related to its meaning and representation.

Having inherited Zimbabwe’s historical and political condition, Chipaumire uses his work to deconstruct prejudices about the black body and examine its emancipation on the stage by retrieving self-portraits, biographies and images of liberation and independence as research material.

For the artist, born without property, name or class, the performative body may be a path to possible salvation, a manifest or a potential vehicle for her self-determination. In her performances, the artist uses spoken word, music and a close relationship with audiences – 100% POP is danced on stage with the audience present – traditional culture and its personal history as tools of denunciation and transformation.

Access: € 7.50 (50% discount for Students, Over 65 and Friends of Serralves)

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