NorteShopping hosts first screen theater ‘ScreenX’ and ‘NOS XVision’

On December 19th, NorteShopping will inaugurate the first screen room in Portugal ‘ScreenX’ and the concept of NOS XVision theaters in the new NOS Cinemas complex. The completely renovated space will include 9 movie theaters, offering visitors maximum comfort and the most innovative services.

To celebrate this grand release on December 19 at 6:45 pm, NOS Cinemas will open the doors of their new Screen X and NOS XVision theaters, and hold two special sessions.

In order to provide visitors with a unique and immersive cinema experience, NorteShopping now features the new Cine NOS theaters, equipped with 100% laser projection, dolby atmos sound and extremely comfortable seating.

In addition to these changes, NorteShopping will debut a room with the new ScreenX concept (270º screen). In this space, unique in Portugal, the screen is located in the front of the room, but also on the side walls, allowing the viewer a completely immersive experience.

Another big news is the NOS XVision movie theater, characterized by the existence of a large screen and high quality sound effects, also innovative in the national territory.

In total, NorteShopping now has a new cinema complex, which includes 9 standard and premium movie theaters with a capacity of 2286 seats, plus a Cine Lounge with a quick meal service.

ScreenX Room – the first in Portugal

NOS NorteShopping Cinemas debut a room with the new ScreenX concept, with a 270º screen. In this room, the first in Portugal, the film is projected not only on the front screen of the room, but also on screens on the side walls, causing the viewer to be fully immersed in the film.

NOS XVison Room

With the opening of the new NOS NorteShopping Cinemas complex, a new concept of cinemas in Portugal, NOS XVision is inaugurated. This concept, developed entirely by NOS, is characterized by a room with a large premium screen, Laser-precision imaging and the highest quality pure, immersive and spatial sound effects available worldwide.

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