Norton present new live album at Música da Casa this weekend

“Heavy Light” marks the band’s return to the albums and brings Norton back in their best form, with songs illustrated by their indie rock that illuminates hearts.

In the fifth album of originals, the Castelo Branco band decided to slow down and look around with more attention, without ever losing their identity, in what is their most honest and eclectic record.

Between indie pop, synth pop, alternative rock and a rhythmic section that pulls to the dance floor whenever it can, the Castelo Branco quartet has already added five original records, two remix albums, tours in Europe and Asia, editions in Japan and a documentary.

But in these things of music, mathematics is not always the most important and, therefore, the impact they maintain year after year is largely based on the relationship they have managed to achieve with the public, being widely cherished from north to south of the country.

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