NOS is the first to have SIM cards in 100% recycled plastic

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Every year millions of SIM cards circulate in Portugal, resulting in a production that generates significant volumes of CO2 and plastic.

With the aim of reversing this cycle, NOS has now launched the first SIM cards on the market, produced in 100% recycled plastic.

The introduction of SIM cards from recycled materials will start with the WTF brand, which impacts a young target. Old cards will be disposed of over the next few months, in order to avoid waste.

This new process will make it possible to avoid the production of around one ton of virgin plastic per year. At the end of its lifecycle, the plastic used to make the cards can be recycled and used again.

This movement embodies the company’s commitment to reducing the carbon footprint and promoting the circular use of resources.

The new cards are developed by NOS in partnership with IDEMIA – a global leader in Augmented Identity, and are produced from the recycling of plastic from post-industrial packaging and printing material waste, ensuring exactly the same connectivity valences.

NOS aims to extend this method to all new SIM cards, an operation that will represent a reduction of 15 tonnes of plastic production in three years.

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