‘Nosso’ by Branko is a collective album where Lisbon participates

The musician and producer, Branko, today publishes ‘Nosso’, a collective album, which features guest appearances and Lisbon, where he lives and whose sound has been working since the beginning of the Buraka Som Sistema.

The title of the second solo album by Branko – the first one, ‘Atlas’ dates from 2015 – could only be ‘Nosso’, because “it’s a collective album”. “I do not feel that I have done it alone,” he said, justifying that this work “has the participation of employees and people who are part of it, as the city has.”

The collaboration can be direct, in the case of the invited singers, like Mallu Magalhães, Dino D’Santiago or Umi Cooper, as indirect, in the case of those who hear it on any dance floor as a DJ.

Mallu Magalhães


“I get a lot of the songs on the dance floor when I’m playing. [And on the album] so much do the ideas of people who are collaborating with me, how the reactions of people on the dance floor fit when I’m playing the songs or when I’m experimenting, “he said.

For the musician and producer, one of the faces of the Buraka Som Sistema, ‘Nosso’ represents an expression that often uses: “our sound”. “The sound that we have been working in Lisbon since the beginning of the Buraka Sound System,” he said.

The whole initial approach to producing the album “is an approach based on rhythms, elements and musical genres that are heard in Lisbon, from this idea of Lusophony”.

“But then, from there, he goes to the whole world and I experiment a series of things with many different people, trying to create these standards and rhythms. And in the end, I finish the album in Lisbon again, with a production so that it can sound all cohesive and homogeneous, “he said.

The creation of the album was a process “that was happening”, since 2015, year of the edition of ‘Atlas’.

Experimentation may involve trying to figure out what happens, whether to “put a soul singer on funk dance,” to try to understand “where that can lead to music.”

It is a series of ideas that I have previously and that I try to concretize later in themes, in collaborations, “he said.

The first ‘Nosso’ performance concert took place on Thursday evening at B.Leza in Lisbon. The next one is scheduled for Saturday at Maus Habits, in Oporto.

After that, Branko works in Europe, in Barcelona, London, Dublin, Berlin and Stockholm. For April it has marked dates in India and “a small tour of theaters in Portugal, in Aveiro, Braga, and Castelo Branco”.


“It’s something that we’ve been trying to achieve for some time. It’s interesting that electronic music also fits into a theater concert, not necessarily something that has to occupy an exclusive space between two and six mornings in a disco somewhere, “he shared.

Branko, or João Barbosa, is a musician and producer, DJ, publisher, named after the most recent scene of electronic music and dance in Lisbon, with points of connection with lusophone music and on a global scale.

Two of the bridges of this work were the creation of the Buraka Som Sistema and the publishing company Enchufada, to which are associated names like Rastronaut, Riot, Dengue Dengue Dengue, Dotorado Pro and PEDRO.

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