“Nova Aurora” by Cremilda Medina released today

5 de Maio

After having edited her first album “Folclore” in 2017, which made Cremilda recognized nationally and internationally, Cremilda Medina now returns with another studio album entitled “Nova Aurora”.

The first step towards this new record work was taken in 2018, when the morna was still a candidate for Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity when Cremilda invited Tito Paris to record “Nôs Morna” as an incentive and support for the candidacy that later, in December 2019 it was ratified by Unesco.

“Nôs Morna” won the “World Music” award in the United States of America in 2019, thus giving an excellent kick-off to the new work.

“Nova Aurora” brings together an excellent range of Cape Verdean composers, produced between Portugal and Cape Verde, with the musical production of the renowned producer and pianist Nando Andrade and with the participation of several renowned musicians.

In this work, Cremilda continues her journey through the rhythms of morna and coladeira, yet another record thinking about the essence of tradition, continuing her search and preservation of the old days, in sounds that bring to mind other times and people of yesteryear, with special guest Tito Paris, an internationally recognized Cape Verdean music icon.

“Nova Aurora” is a project played and sung with simplicity and feeling, where Cape Verde and its people are felt, in orchestrated arrangements that also serve as a passport for a trip to Cape Verde.

Invited to listen to “Nova Aurora”, Ricardo Barbosa Vicente, Cultural Advisor of the Embassy of Cape Verde Portugal, refers that “…we are facing a masterpiece of Cape Verdean music”, “Cremilda Medina presents in this album an artistic maturity and a capacity of unique interpretation.” Ricardo also mentions.

“Nova Aurora” under the interpretive virtuosity of Cremilda Medina, stands as an eloquent ode to Cape Verdean music, reconciling tradition and modernity in a majestic sound mosaic of breathtaking beauty and moving emotional depth”. Ricardo Barbosa Vicente ends by saying that “…Cremilda Medina proves, once again, her talent and passion for art, presenting us with a unique and unforgettable work.”

The official release of the album “NOVA AURORA” takes place today, May 5th! The album is available on all digital platforms and in physical format at the Centro Cultural de Cabo Verde in Lisbon, Portugal, and soon in stores in Cape Verde!


Performer: Cremilda Medina (and Tito Paris in “Nôs Morna”)
Arrangements and music production: Nando Andrade
Mix: Elton Sousa and Nando Andrade
Mastering: Elton Sousa
Capture: Elton Sousa, Nando Andrade and George Nunes
Executive Production: Miguel Silva – Move Agency – Especcções e Agenciamento Lda
Musicians: Nando Andrade, Armando Tito, Palinh Vieira, Nely Cruz, Zé António, Luciano Vasconcelos, Paulo Figueiredo, Djudjuty Alves, José Manuel David, Fredy Pereira, Daniel Salomé and Luis Machado
Choirs: Totchi Almeida, Sivy Gomes, and Cremilda Medina


1 – Alô, Alô, São Vicente | B. Léza (Francisco Xavier da Cruz)
2 – Saltá Parede | Manuel d’Novas
3 – Um Ca Cré Uvi Ondas Tchora | Jorge Pedro Barbosa
4 – Surpresa | Frank Cavaquinho (Francisco Vicente Gomes)
5 – Nôs Morna | Manuel d’Novas
6 – Nóba dês Badjo | Anu Nobu (Fulgêncio da Circuncisão Lopes Tavares)
7 – Nova Aurora | Waldemar Lopes da Silva
8 – Temp d’Jôrge Cornitim | Jotacê (João Carlos Silva)
9 – Serenata | Kaká Barbosa (Carlos Alberto Lopes Barbosa)
10 – Ódiû ê Pobrèza | Paulino Vieira
11 – Mósca Estrónhe | Manuel d’Novas
12 – Amá Sem Mêde | Morgadinho (Joaquim Soares de Almeida)
13 – Anjo Negra | Jotacê (João Carlos Silva) and Anísio Rodrigues

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