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New edition Luis de Matos IMPOSSIBLE Live

Luis de Matos, Rada, Hector Mancha, Mortenn e Dan Sperry são os mágicos deste ano

“Luis de Matos IMPOSSIBLE Ao Vivo” is back with a new and extraordinary cast that includes some of the best magicians in the world.

With new and spectacular illusions, Luis de Matos returns in the company of four incredible magicians, coming from Argentina, Denmark, the United States of America and Spain.

The show, which began in 2018, and which is renewed every year and breaks box office records, will take place in three cities over six weeks: Figueira da Foz, Lisbon and Porto.

“Luis de Matos IMPOSSIBLE Ao Vivo” is a show for the whole family where the unthinkable and surprising happens every moment. In this edition, Luis de Matos will have at his side: Rada, from Argentina, Hector Mancha, from Spain, Mortenn, from Denmark, and Dan Sperry, from the United States, in addition to Joana Almeida and the Momentum Crew.

The cast of “Luis de Matos IMPOSSIBLE Ao Vivo” includes a protagonist from two Netflix specials (Rada), two world champions (Hector Mancha and Mortenn) and a global star (Dan Sperry).

An incredible show for those who enjoy the art of creating illusions and transformative for those who have never seen magic live.


luis de matos
Luís de Matos < Luís de Matos IMPOSSÍVEL Ao Vivo

Luis de Matos, author, producer and magician, with a team that has been with him for almost three decades, is the most awarded Portuguese magician, distinguished and admired in the world. With a long and surprising career in Portugal and beyond borders, spread across television and live shows, Luis de Matos is the driving force of a collective that reinvents itself at every step.

A communicator by nature, he is divided into the most diverse ways of creating illusions, always surprising with their aesthetics and inexplicability, dividing himself between moments of poetic beauty and others of dramatic intensity, full of adrenaline.

Luis de Matos is a restless and prolific artist, who always chooses paths not previously taken, leaving traces of inspiration that have influenced successive generations of spectators and colleagues. Luis de Matos combines creativity, talent and professionalism.


Rada < Luís de Matos IMPOSSÍVEL Ao Vivo

Rada is a multi-talented artist… actor, musician, comedian, radio and television presenter and, of course, magician! He likes to call himself a “clown without a nose” and considers himself an eternal learner in all the areas he masters.

From stages to movie screens, from Netflix documentaries to web series, from stadium concerts to theatre musicals, Rada is one of the most popular and respected artists in Latin America.

The protagonist of countless artistic projects since 1995, including the Netflix specials “Soy Rada” and “Serendipia”, four albums by the band “Soy Rada & The Colibriquis”, and multiple seasons of the series “Radahouse”, he has almost 10 million followers on social media.


hector mancha
Hector Mancha < Luís de Matos IMPOSSÍVEL Ao Vivo

Hector Mancha is a multi-disciplinary artist specialising in cartomagia, manipulation and “pickpocketing”. Creator and protagonist of multiple characters and holder of an unusual technical and scenic mastery. With irreverent irony, he defines himself as a thief, clown, artist, magician and liar.

Holder of countless awards and distinctions, in his country and worldwide, a dedicated handler who combines eighteen hours of daily training with his profession as a firefighter, he achieved the title of world champion in 2015 for Spain, after thirty years.


mortenn christiansen
Mortenn Christiansen < Luís de Matos IMPOSSÍVEL Ao Vivo

Mortenn Christiansen, from Denmark, is a force of nature who recently won first place in the comic magic category at the last World Magic Championship, held in Canada.

He discovered magic at the age of twelve, in a magic shop where, after spending so much time there, he was invited to work there. With impressive technical mastery and surprising originality, Mortenn quickly became a serious case in contemporary magic on a global scale.


dan sperry
Dan Sperry < Luis de Matos IMPOSSÍVEL Ao Vivo

Dan Sperry finds his space in the fusion of strange and surprising magic with gothic and provocative aesthetics. Known for the impact and originality of his creations, Sperry was one of the youngest artists to headline the mythical “Magic Castle” in Los Angeles, home of the Hollywood Academy of Magical Arts. He quickly moved to Las Vegas and from there, it was a short while before he dedicated much of his time to travelling around the world where he is universally admired.

Dan Sperry’s creations are a permanent rollercoaster of emotions and provocation in which shock, strangeness and dark humour become unforgettable moments.

From a special guest on television around the world to a central figure on countless international tours, Dan Sperry is an alternative and surprising phenomenon with a challenging, gothic aesthetic.

Tickets for the fifth edition of “Luis de Matos IMPOSSÍVEL Ao Vivo” are now available.

You can purchase tickets on Ticketline:

  • CAE of Figueira da Foz 12th to 15th December
  • Tivoli BBVA Theater December 19th to January 12th
  • Coliseu Porto Ageas 15th to 19th January

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, ticket place of sale, price, and availability.

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