New Becken Boostwash range

  • “Less time, less energy and more benefits” is how the new Becken Boostwash washing machines present themselves
  • Energy savings, reduced washing time and a sterilization program are the main features of this new range
  • Available from tomorrow, the 24th of June, at all Worten stores and at, from €309.99

Becken is preparing to launch a new range of Becken Boostwash washing machines. Available as of tomorrow, June 24, at nearly 200 Worten stores in the country and also at, this range is based on the claim “Less time, less energy and more advantages”, presenting itself as the option ideal for all consumers who value efficiency and savings, without neglecting features and design.

With energy consumption savings of over 70%, thanks to their ultra-efficient and durable motor, these new Becken washing machines stand out for their innovative Boostwash technology, which allows you to reduce washing time by 25%, without compromising its effectiveness.

These new products also have a special sterilization program, which, in the current pandemic context, is an asset, as it leaves clothes clean and free from bacteria.

Add + is the name of another feature of this new Becken Boostwash range, which allows you to add, in the middle of the wash cycle, without interrupting it, that item of clothing that was left in the basket.

It is also worth noting the fact that this new range adds to the existing solutions of 8 and 9 kg, also the capacity of 12 kg and, thus, responds to the needs of large families.

The new Boostwash machines, on sale from €309.99 and available in white and stainless steel, join the more than 300 references of the Becken brand, currently available in the Worten catalogue.

The Boostwash range has received, in the last two years, several awards (Five Stars Award, in 2019, and Product of the Year, in 2020), reinforcing Becken’s “smart choice” positioning.

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