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New SIC Season full of glamor


SIC presented the new season of its programming at the Capitólio, with the presence of the channel’s best-known names, an afternoon full of good humor, glamor, and pretty faces, which ended with a cocktail on the Rooftop of the Cine Teatro de Lisboa.

The television station, which is also available on all platforms, presented new features for the next season, including Christmas films, such as Home Alone, Titanic, Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, Cinderala and Frozen II, which will the delight kids and adults.

The new multiplatform musical, Papel Principal, with Carolina Carvalho and Ângelo Rodrigues, a disruptive and multi-layered project, the result of the formats in which it will unfold, said Daniel Oliveira, this project will include a sitcom, A Casa da Aurora about the life of the main character, Aurora, who in the soap opera is a magazine actress, also a youth series that you can watch on OPTO, Os Eleitos, which tells the life of Aurora as a young girl and her journey to fame. But until the musical of Papel Principal, it could reach the Portuguese stages.

Nova Temporada da SIC > 2023.09.05 < Capitólio ©Luís Mirra Serrão – ineews

Ricardo Araújo Pereira’s new podcast, Coisa Que Não Edifica Nor Destrói, was also presented, and of course the continuation of Isto é to make fun of those who work. Casados no Paraíso was presented, which SIC premiered on Sunday, presented by Cláudia Vieira and César Mourão returns with Terra Nossa.

Nova Temporada da SIC > 2023.09.05 < Capitólio ©Luís Mirra Serrão – ineews

Ljubomir Stanisic’s cooking program, Hell’s Kitchen now in the Celebrities version, will feature in this edition, Ana Garcia Martins, Noémia Costa, Luísa Villar, Pedro Fernandes, Lourenço Ortigão among other well-known faces, and the Chef guarantees, they will learn to make a complete meal.

Nova Temporada da SIC > 2023.09.05 < Capitólio ©Luís Mirra Serrão – ineews

Clara de Sousa returns to present the Golden Globes Gala, scheduled for October 1st, at the Coliseu dos Recreios and announced the nominees for the Revelation Award, who are João Gonzalez, author of the animated short film that was nominated for the Óscars, Ice Merchants, Lucas Dutra and Madalena Aragão, winners of an award at the Cannes Film Festival, Milhanas, Nena and Santiago André.

Nova Temporada da SIC > 2023.09.05 < Capitólio ©Luís Mirra Serrão – ineews

We will be able to see the Gala dos Sonhos, an initiative of the Sara Carreira Association, Revista é Semper Revista and Cinderela – O Musical dos seu Sonhos, by Filipe La Féria, and also the Excesso 25th anniversary concert.

Nova Temporada da SIC > 2023.09.05 < Capitólio ©Luís Mirra Serrão – ineews

But the news doesn’t end here on OPTO, SIC’s streaming platform, in addition to Os Eleitos you can watch this month Brilhante, a documentary series about the crown jewels of the former Portuguese royal house, is back for a new season O Clube, and Azul, a story according to the Paço de Arcos station website, “set in a not too distant future where climate change is beginning to cause major changes across the planet and where the last sighting of a whale in the entire world was recorded more than one year.”

Presentation of the New Season – SIC

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