Nováqua HD and Novatex HD are CIN’s first decorative products with CE marking

CIN, a Portuguese brand and Iberian leader in the paint and varnish market, has just announced the first CIN decorative products with CE marking in the national market. Nováqua HD and Novatex HD, now have CE marking that guarantees the protection of concrete surfaces against ingress, humidity control and increased resistivity.

This new distinction reveals that Nováqua HD and Novatex HD contribute to increasing the surface protection of concrete against external agents such as water and CO2. Nováqua HD is an innovative ink from CIN, available in 165 colors, 100% acrylic and developed to withstand the most adverse atmospheric conditions, night condensations, color changes, fungi and algae.

Easy to apply, this smooth matte paint has a high and proven performance, high durability and meets the highest standards of quality and demand for a facade paint, presenting a ten-year guarantee certificate.

With all these characteristics, Nováqua HD is the CIN product for façades that best suits the market requirements, through the following Certifications/Homologations:

  • Application Document (DA113);
  • Reaction to fire: A2-s1, d0;
  • Water vapor permeability: V2 Medium;
  • Permeability to liquid water: W3 Low;
  • Carbon dioxide permeability: Class C1;
  • CE marking in accordance with EN 1504-2;

In turn, Novatex HD is a highly durable, 100% acrylic paint with a fine, matte sanded appearance, designed to protect façades, providing a unique and exclusive decorative effect that allows disguising small imperfections and covering typical cracks in new facades.

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