“Novas Canções da Terra” is the debut album by Catarina Carvalho Gomes

Novas Canções da Terra is the debut project by Catarina Carvalho Gomes, from Braga, as a singer-songwriter. It is an album with an independent sound, with influences from folk, jazz, pop, and fado, prioritizing writing in Portuguese and the voice as an instrument.

In preparing the album, he collaborated with João Grilo (piano, arrangements), Pedro João (guitar), Afonso Passos (percussion), Gonçalo Cravinho Lopes (double bass), Teresa Campos (voice) and Hélder Costa (musical production).

The multidisciplinary artist is interested in vocal exploration work, applied to theater, music, pedagogy, and linguistics. She writes about grief, fascination, generational conflict, heritage, and loneliness, using some fruit trees as a pretext and metaphorical anchor, establishing relationships between the natural cycles of flora and the physiological and emotional cycles of human beings.


Catarina Carvalho Gomes was born in Braga, 1997.

She is a multidisciplinary artist and is interested in vocal exploration work in the areas of music, theater, pedagogy and linguistics.

She trained as an actress at the Academia Contemporânea do Espetáculo, and graduated in Language Sciences at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto. She is a Spoken Voice teacher at ACE Famalicão, combining knowledge of Phonetics and Phonology with the technical and creative work of the interpreter.

She collaborated with the educational services of the Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra, Casa da Música, and Braga Media Arts.

She was an announcer at Rádio Estação, at the Museu da Cidade, and spoke at the Quintas de Leitura at Teatro Municipal do Porto.

He worked with several directors and companies such as Gonçalo Amorim [TEP], Marta Bernardes, Joana Providência, Maria do Céu Ribeiro [Teatro do Bolhão], João Cardoso [ASSéDIO], Nuno Carinhas, Nuno M Cardoso [TNSJ], Circolando, Visões Úteis, Didascália Theater, and Pandemonium Platform.

She directed the musical “Intervalo”, at Theatro Circo, a production by the Conservatório de Música Calouste Gulbenkian de Braga, and staged the show “Não Sou Como a Figueira”, by PELE.

In 2021, she created the monologue show “Diacritic”, with Pedro Galiza, a co-production ASSéDIO and Grua Crua, of which she was a performer.

She was part of the Ensemble Kaleidoscope, directed by Bruno Pernadas, and was part of the “Frestão” project by João Grilo. She recorded vocals for PedroLima’s album “Talkin (g) (A) bout My Generation”.

In 2023, she released the album “Novas Canções da Terra” as a singer-songwriter, produced by Feto-Espada, a structure of which she is artistic director.

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