Novas tecnologias e tendências em casinos online

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Currently, technology is present in every possible medium that we can imagine in our society, it is already so necessary that we would not be able to continue with many things without it. And with technological advances, many processes have been simplified and accelerated leading to increased profit in various sectors, such as tourism, entertainment, education, healthcare and online games that will be our focus today in our article.

Casinos saw a great opportunity to increase their business and get out of the “four walls”, today when we think about casinos we no longer just imagine that physical place full of machines and people betting, now we can have a casino in the palm of our hand. With that in mind, you can take advantage of the free welcome bonuses offered by casinos to get a bigger balance when you start betting.

And if you’re curious to learn more about this segment, here are some of the technologies that are making online casinos increasingly accessible to everyone.

Mobile Applications

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Most bookmakers and casinos nowadays offer an app for their customers to download and enjoy the gaming session directly from their smartphone, which gives you the possibility to play from anywhere and at the time that suits you best. Convenient, as everyone these days has a mobile phone, the increase in users betting on casino games through these devices is incredible.

Digital Security

One of the factors that could inhibit online access to virtual casinos from decreasing would be a vulnerability, and malicious third parties stealing your account, but thanks to digital and facial recognition technologies, as well as encryption protocols, users feel very more secure, and in fact, cyber-attacks on accounts protected with this type of technology are almost impossible.

It is also worth highlighting the technological evolution of the digital payments sector, as these services are widely used in deposits and withdrawals from betting sites, it is essential that there is this advance to ensure the safety of players’ money.

Virtual Reality and Live Games

How about you can have the experience of being inside a conventional casino, but without leaving your home? Virtual reality gives you this, and some bookmakers have already started to invest heavily in it. It’s quite an adventure, you in the comfort of your living room, seeing the glamour that only a real casino has.
In addition, you can feel the thrill of playing in real-time and with other people on the other side of the screen, this technological feature is already present in almost all bookmakers. There are also several championships that take place live in some casino games.

The next step in the user experience of virtual casinos should be the integration of these two technologies, with that it should very well emulate the feeling of playing in a big casino in Las Vegas.

Artificial intelligence

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This advanced technological tool has innovated the entire digital market, users getting what they want with a simple voice command, receiving instant support from a machine that already has possible solutions for common errors that happen to the user.

This has mainly improved the support of bookmakers and online casinos, as the player does not need to spend hours or days waiting for a solution to a problem related to his account, for example, through a “robot attendant” it is possible to solve a series of issues that are preventing you from continuing your game.


With the pandemic that swept the world in 2020, these technologies mentioned above saved the casino market, offering ease and convenience for their customers to continue having fun from the comfort of home, and consequently further increased an already existing market.

Of course, in an ideal setting, it would be best to go in person to follow events at casinos. But as this is not something accessible to everyone, the technologies presented here and many others serve as a bridge to bring players closer to this type of fun so peculiar.

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