O Gajo’s new album “Não Lugar” released on March 24th

“Não Lugar” is the title of the new album by O Gajo that will be released this Friday, March 24th with a digital edition by Lusitanian and a physical edition by Rastilho Records. This work includes the singles “Tarântula” and “Yanda Djuntu” featuring Braima Galissá.

After “Longe do Chão” (2017), the quadruple EP “As 4 Estações do Gajo” (2019), and “Subterrâneos” (2021), this new album takes O Gajo and Viola Campaniça on a journey through sounds from around the world, accompanied by guests who bring with them new influences, instruments, and landscapes.

This new album by O Gajo appears as a proposed itinerary for listening to the transcultural history of the traditional chordophone from the Alentejo region, the viola Campaniça.
Starting from this premise, “Não Lugar” (No Place) is (re)launched other sonorities, woven by multiple places of experimentation and encounters, founded on the adventure of discovering the other and the others; of the intimate alterity, located elsewhere, in distant places, and in concrete time and space, between the past and the now.

For this journey exploring the Viola Campaniça in an encounter with world sounds, six artists with specific circulation modes in contemporary world music were invited. It is in this transitory place that the expressions of the Guinean korá by Braima Galissá, the Brazilian resonator viola by Ricardo Vignini, the viola braguesa by Vasco Casais (Omiri), the Turkish Electric Saz by Thomas Attar Belier, the Sitar by Luís Simões (Satúrnia) and the voice of Kátia Leonardo, refer to a particular event. This is expressed in the transference of sounds and the proliferation of what is conventionally called “não lugar”.

©Ana Carvalho

The album “Não Lugar” is already available for pre-sale on the official website of Rastilho Records, responsible for the physical distribution of the album.

“Não Lugar” was created between May and September 2022.
Recorded and mixed at Auditiv studios in Sintra by Carlos Vales (Cajó) in September 2022.
Mastered by Rui Dias at Mister Master Studios in Almada.
All Music and Design by O GAJO
Cover illustration by José Santa-Bárbara
Photos by Ana Carvalho

List of songs on CD:
01 – “Tarântula” – 4’37”
02 – “Treva das Trevas” com Luís Simões (Saturnia) – 7’27”
03 – “Desassossego” com Vasco Casais (Omiri) – 6’12”
04 – “Yanda Djuntu” com Braima Galissá – 4’57”
05 – “Rebeldança” – 5’15”
06 – “Jangada” com Ricardo Vignini – 6’46”
07 – “Céu Cinzento” – 5’18”
08 – “Os Mitras” com Thomas Attar Bellier – 3’53”
09 – “Náufragos” com Kátia Leonardo – 5’49”
10 – “Sonâmbulos” – 4’18”

Singers and players on this record:
O GAJO – Viola Campaniça, bass drum, tambourine, and backing vocals
LUÍS SIMÕES (Saturnia) – Sitar (Indian instrument)
BRAIMA GALISSÁ – Korá (Guinean instrument)
RICARDO VIGNINI – Resonator Viola (Brazilian Instrument)
VASCO RIBEIRO CASAIS (Omiri) – Viola Braguesa (Braga Region)
THOMAS ATTAR BELLIER – Electric Saz (Turkish Instrument)
KÁTIA LEONARDO – Voice and lyrics


  • 15th of April – Ruy de Carvalho Auditorium, Lisbon [Carnaxide]
  • 28th of May – Novo Ático – Coliseu Porto Ageas, Porto

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