Novo Ático revitalizes the historic Attic Hall of the Porto Ageas Coliseum

The NEW ÁTICO opens its doors to the city of Porto on the 5th of June with a concept close to what made history at the then Salão Ático: animation on Sunday matinees – a day and time when there is usually no great cultural activity in the city .

This was the starting point for the Inauguration Party of NOVO ÁTICO, on Sunday, June 5, at 6:00 pm. With free access, limited to the capacity of the space, this party aims to present the space and its renovation to the city, to the sound of the band TT Syndicate and the DJ Xico Ferrão, a member of the collective Sete Magníficos.

As announced, and from June (except in August), NOVO ÁTICO presents great bands and artists, national and international, every Sunday at 18:00. On the 12th, Mão Morta Redux, a return to the trio format of the band’s early days, now with Adolfo Luxúria Canibal, Miguel Pedro and António Rafael, composed an original soundtrack for a masterpiece of Soviet silent cinema – “A Casa na Praça Trubnaia” – and they play it live, accompanying the exhibition. On June 19, Dora Morelenbaum, a Brazilian singer and songwriter, born into a family of famous musicians on the world stage (Jaques and Paula Morelenbaum), comes to Portugal to present her debut EP, “Vento de Beirada”, released in 2021, but also the latest song “Dó a có”, composed in partnership with Tom Veloso and released at the end of 2020. On June 25th, the Três Tristes Tigres by Ana Deus and Alexandre Soares who in 2020 released a new album of originals, “Mínima Luz”, which will be possible to hear live at NOVO ÁTICO, in a concert where the duo will be accompanied by Miguel Ferreira, on keyboards and electronics.

Until the end of the year there are Josh Rouse, 5th Punkada, Club Makumba, Blind Zero, JP Simões, João Paulo Esteves da Silva, Cassete Pirata, NEEV, Kuia Só, Elisa Rodrigues, Irma, Cachorro Sem Sono, A Garota Não, Daguida, JP Coimbra, The Happy Mess, S. Pedro, Com o Mar Pelo Meio and Surma.
All musical styles, a NEW ATTIC!

Tickets cost between €8 and €15 and will be on sale at the usual places, at and at the Coliseu Porto Ageas ticket office.

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