New album by John Mercy & The Dead Beats

presented at Festival Lux Interior

In the week that marks 101 years of Jack Kerouac, the show presented in 2022, the result of an invitation made by the director of the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra, which was conceived by John Mercy, more known as the vocalist and multi-instrumentalist of the Coimbra band Jigsaw, is released on disc.

“West Of The American Night” will be performed at Convento São Francisco, in Coimbra, on March 18, as part of the Lux Interior Festival, organized by Lux Records, which also edits the album. The festival also has support for the production of Blue House.

65 years after the first edition of one of the most important works of the Beat Generation, John Mercy & The Dead Beats bring to the stage a show for which songs were written that invite the listener to a sound journey through the spaces of On The Road, a book that transformed American culture, and whose impact extended to the rest of the world. The show features the projection of images assembled by the director and visual artist Luisa Neves Soares. Between songs, the words of the author are celebrated through narration.

The Dead Beats is a band made up of several renowned musicians from the music scene: Luís Formiga (Animais, Mancines), Miguel Cordeiro (Miguel Cordeiro, Nevoeiro, Giant Surfers, Victor Torpedo and The Pop Kids), Pedro Antunes (Bunny Ranch, Subway Riders, Wipeout Beat, John Mercy & Tracy Vandal), Raquel Ralha (Belle Chase Hotel, Azembla’s Quartet, Mancines, Raquel Ralha e Pedro Renato, Animais, Wraygunn), Susana Ribeiro (the Jigsaw), Tracy Vandal (Tracy Vandal, Tiguana Bibles, Lincoln, The Great Moonshiners Band) and Victor Torpedo (Victor Torpedo, Tédio Boys, The Parkinsons, Tiguana Bibles, Subway Riders, Blood Safari).

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