A new cultural center is born in the former Casa da Câmara de Lamego

The revitalization of Bairro do Castelo de Lamego is being reinforced with the rehabilitation of Torre dos Figos, with the aim of retaining residents and attracting new people and activities to the oldest nucleus of the city, creating a new centre of cultural and tourist dynamism.

This municipal investment is part of a more comprehensive regeneration process, which began in 2007, with the “Viver Lamego” project and partnerships for urban regeneration, which brought new life to the city, at a landscape and urban level“, underlines Francisco Lopes, President of the City Council.

The urban regeneration project “Viver Lamego” gave a new cultural and social dynamic to Bairro do Castelo, following the rehabilitation of several buildings of high heritage quality. of the Porta dos Figos that make up the Interpretive Center of Lamego, a polynucleated museum that tells the different stories of the multi-millenary city of Lamego that will soon gain a new pole when the Torre dos Figos opens its doors. “Symbolically, the members elected by the people of Lame to the City Council will be the first act to take place in this new space to enhance our historical heritage”, announces Francisco Lopes.

Located between the Archaeological Center of Porta dos Figos and the old Padaria do Cantinho, headquarters of Grupo 49 dos Escoteiros, buildings rehabilitated within the scope of “Viver Lamego”, the Torre dos Figos has historically had several uses. It was the Albarrã Military Tower and, later, it was the Town Hall, between the 19th century and the 19th century. XIV and the century. XIX.

Taking into account its high heritage value, the architectural project will recover and regenerate its structure, making the transition from military use to civic use. Further up, another intervention by the Municipality of Lamego is rehabilitating the old Casa do Horto, a building that until recently was also abandoned.

Awarded to the firm “ATWAAL“, the rehabilitation of Torre dos Figos is carried out within the scope of the Strategic Plan for Urban Development (PEDU), 85% co-financed by the ERDF, in an investment of over 381 thousand euros.

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