New Y.azz Single: “LATE NIGHT”, in collaboration with YANAGUI

“After making peace with the heartbreak and the weight of the past, I gave myself space to reflect the present in music and took on a side that until now had been impossible – making music for fun, with the desire to mirror my personality exactly as I feel it at every moment.I think that with Drip I marked a turning point to reaffirm myself and it is more and more present.

Late Night was written on impulse before I was quite sure what my artistic path would be after releasing the EP and initially it wasn’t thought of as a single but rather as an introduction to a concert – which turned out to be the spiritual conclusion of that process. I always find it funny how sincere the art is when I reflect on where I was when I started writing. It’s a song that’s sarcastic, fun, and at the same time very serious about how it always boils down to one thing – love. I, who had always been so reticent about writing about the subject, found myself in a position of having taken on the concept in its entirety (body and soul) and when I finished, I wrote a song almost in criticism of it. But I always live in contradiction and it’s not that surprising.”

The collaboration with YANAGUI was assumed because this song is a perfect balance between the producer’s sound and the artist’s lyrics, who considers that this was a song very much theirs and therefore it makes sense to present it as a collaboration.

Film classics were used as inspiration – cult films that reflect women in a position very closely linked to men, almost as if they could not exist without him.

Credits Music
Produced by YANAGUI
Mix & Master by Michael Ferreira (MicSine)
Voice Capture by Tomás Cruz (Complexo 1025)

Who is Y.azz?
Y.azz is Mariana Prista’s solo project. After winning the EDP Live Bands contest, as part of the duo Y.azz x b-mywingz in 2019, he also edited, as a duo, the album CYCLES, with which he also won 2nd place in the Novos Talentos Fnac contest of the same year.

With the turn of the year and with an immense desire to give voice to her thoughts, she released her first solo project, the EP Heartbreak Mixtapes-where she uses her powerful and smooth voice for an incursion into the pop-romantic world moved by modernity and surprise. The EP has 5 themes that portray 5 different phases of the artist. In 2022, at the beginning of the change, she edited Drip.

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