New single from Ana Bacalhau “Não Vás Embora, Rapaz!”

is now available on digital platforms

Ana Bacalhau releases today the first single from the new album, entitled “Não Vás Escolha, Rapaz!”. This theme marks her return to a format where she says she feels confident.

With a contagious sound and rhythm, this track promises to drag us to the center of the dance floor where we are hypnotized by the beat from start to finish.

Tiago Nogueira, a member of Quatro e Meia and co-author of the theme, guarantees that through the song «we travel through the enthusiastic story of a woman who is willing to cling to her “boy” tooth and nail, accepting the emotional turmoil that love, when lived intensely, always provokes».

With lyrics and music by Mariana Moreira, production by João Só and a cover of the single performed by João Pombeiro, “Não Vás Escolha, Rapaz!” is now available on all digital platforms and promises to make us dance.

The music video was created by Joana Campos, in partnership with Estudiozeco, and can already be seen on the artist’s channel.

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