New single from Budda Power Blues & Maria João now available on digital platforms

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After the success of Budda Power Blues & Maria João’s debut album, Blues Experience, we looked forward to news. They are there with Missing You.

But before we talk about this new single Missing You, let’s make a small presentation for those who don’t know the Budda Power Blues & Maria João project. Who explains it to us, is Budda Guedes “for playing Blues in the 21st century we always feel the obligation/mission of keep the genre contemporary and current. The blues has always been avant-garde, innovative, and experimental, so we feel that to stay alive it has to be current. The invitation to Maria João came about because we wanted someone outside the genre, capable of improvising and that to embark on an experience in the world of the Blues. The choice was obvious. The result is a meeting halfway between the universe of Budda Power Blues and that of Maria João, creating something bigger than the sum of the parts”.

Back to the single Missing You, it’s Nico Guedes (author of the song and lyrics) who explains the meaning of the theme “” Missing You “talks about loving mourning, how we feel after a relationship ends, and the nostalgia that remains after the lyrics show a character living an emotional journey that begins with the longing for the other person, ending with the realization that he is finally alone, and with no room for anyone else “. Interestingly, this theme has a twist, let’s say different from the blues. The same musician explains that “musically, we wanted to get the” feel “of the 50’s romantic songs, and take advantage of Budda and João’s voices to confront each other in a duet in which they both feel the same, and say the same thing, but on opposite sides of the narrative, as well as in their very distinctive timbres “.

Missing You is now available on all digital platforms.

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