Charli Elle’s new single ‘WW3’ is now available on platforms

WW3‘ has a very important meaning for Charli Elle as she explains “WW3 was born out of a time when everyone in my life was at war. Nobody liked the person I was dating at the time, and they even made me give myself ultimatums to leave this person, who also bombarded me with opinions about friends and people I worked with. To make matters worse, I also didn’t have the approval of my parents, who disliked both the person I was dating and the people with whom he worked.” In conclusion of the same reasoning “… I have never been able to have peace both in my love relationship, as in my work, friendship, and family relationships.”

From this emotional turmoil, ‘WW3‘ was born.” One day I sat in my studio, alone and exhausted, and wrote what became the first line of the song, “I’m wasting all my energy, trying to make lovers out of enemies “Then came the metaphors and images of war, shootings, bombings, and explosions, which portray what my mental state was, and my reality at the time”, Charli Elle confesses to us.

Don’t think that ‘WW3‘ is an isolated theme, just another single. On the contrary, it is part of a bigger whole “… WW3 is part of an 11-song project that portrays a very specific learning phase in my life. It is a definitely eclectic autobiographical project that portrays in sound the last 4 years of my life “, tells us, Charli Elle.

But what has Charli Elle been up to since her 2020 single ‘GTFO‘ (bla, bla, bla)? The artist explains that “these last few years I’ve been learning lessons in every possible way. I’ve been composing both for myself and for others and I’ve been focusing seriously on music production. And I’ve also had these last few years growing as a person and taking the ‘slams’ of reality that I needed to take to get to this point. I had to find the right people and discard those who didn’t add anything to my life to be able to carry out the Charli Elle project.”

‘WW3’ is now available on digital platforms.

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