NBC’s new single, “Até um Dia”

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NBC, one of the most prominent figures in Portuguese contemporary music, aims to captivate the public with its new single, “Até um Dia”. This release is a prelude to NBC’s fourth album, titled “Carousel”, scheduled for release in late 2024.

Born in 1974 in São Tomé and Príncipe, Timóteo Tiny, known artistically as NBC, has been acclaimed for his ability to merge soul, R&B, drum and bass, rock and electronica in his live performances. With a musical career that spans more than three decades, NBC won the hearts of fans with hits such as “Segunda Pele”, “NBCioso”, “Homem”, “Neve”, “DOIS” and “Espelho”.

In his new single, “Até um Dia”, NBC presents listeners with a reflective composition about the ups and downs of human relationships. With engaging lyrics and a catchy melody, the song captures the feelings of goodbye and hope surrounding life’s upheavals.

For NBC, “Até um Dia represents goodbye after so many twists and turns that life gives us. It is the hymn to the heart that beats to beat, but still with hope of a reunion there in another future after healing.”

“Até um Dia” is available on all music streaming platforms starting today. Fans can expect more news as the release of the Carrossel album approaches.

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