New single by Ricardo Tê now available on platforms

Ricardo Tê did not stop creating and editing in 2020 and 2021 despite the difficulties that the pandemic created. Now comes the single ‘Dá-me um Tok’.

But what can  Ricardo Tê single tell us about this new single? “the idea of making this song was simple, go back a little to my musical origins where the good vibe is almost always present! Basically I think it was an upgrade of my song `Deixa Fluir that I edited a few years ago”.

In lyrical and compositional terms, the artist explains to us that “the lyrics speaks of relationships and the consequences of our acts, but the way we created the instrumental part seems to be all right.. in fact, the intention is to finish the better way, to “Dá-me um Tok”! 🙂 The chorus was for me the most difficult part to perform, thankfully my friend Bruno “Acorns“ showed up to help me get “Dá-me um Tok” out here, in an evening that was very nice at home!!”

Ricardo Tê, decided to experiment for this single “Dá-me um Tok” a new team of producers “… I recorded at Panela Record in Odivelas, a space with people full of good energy where they record many of our national and international talents! In this theme, I was fortunate to have DAUS as a producer, he helped me a lot in the production of the theme and this is evident in the final result! In between, I also had the opportunity to record voices with João Barradas, where in this session I was also pleased to have as a special guest to make a MEGA SOLO, my friend Francisco Fernandez!”

The video for “Dá-me um Tok”  (as well as the name of the single) makes reference and pun with the Tik Tok application that makes us want to dance too. Ricardo Tê explains why “yes, it was important to make a simple video, easy to look at and let go! The idea is really to spend good energy in both the music and the music video. This, perhaps, is the music video and music in which I am the most, I’m happy for that! Regarding the TIK TOK application… I would be lying if I didn’t assume that intention! It turns out to be a pun but with the certainty that both now and from now on the application has more and more strength and could be interesting for the theme.”

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