Tiago Cardoso’s new single “VILÃO” now available

Singer and composer Tiago Cardoso, after the successes of “Tiro ao Lado” and “Procurei“, is back on the Portuguese music scene with his latest single, “Vilão“.

Tiago Cardoso expresses the importance of “Vilão”, when he highlights the three years dedicated to selecting the best songs composed to date. “Vilão” addresses the uncertainties of modern relationships, where he tells the story of someone who changed for love and seeks a vote of confidence in a world of fleeting relationships: “Each person who listens, however, can interpret it however they want and believe or not that the villain has changed for the better.”

The guitar is his trademark, “because it has always been with me in the most difficult moments. Each composition is a journey that starts with a chord or a sequence of chords and takes me wherever I want, so when I go to the studio I need the emotions that filled me when I composed the melodies are also present.”

Tiago Cardoso puts the initial guitar riff always present in every song so that those who follow him know that it remains the same as always.

He highlights Rui Veloso, João Pedro Pais and Anselmo Ralph as his main national influences, highlighting the revolution that each one brought to the Portuguese music market. This can be seen in Tiago Cardoso’s compositions, a mix of autobiography and “semi-real” stories, which reveal deep emotional layers and personal experiences.

In addition to music, Tiago Cardoso plays a crucial role in the field of medicine, where he currently belongs to the National Health Service team. With his profession focused on public health, Tiago Cardoso carries out a research study in the area of occupational health, which helps you balance your passion for music with your commitment to health.

For 2024, Tiago Cardoso reveals that he has a series of songs ready to release and that he is ready to offer more to his audience. The possibility of releasing several singles or an EP will depend on the reaction and continued support of your listeners.

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