Wilson Capitão’s new single now available on digital platforms

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One Hundred Comets is the debut single by musician and composer Wilson Capitão.

There are 3 key moments in Wilson Capitão’s life that lead him to music. “My father is a metalhead, one of those old guard who loves Slayer, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest. Until I was 10, I basically never heard any music other than metal. My father listened to a lot of music and that means he literally didn’t I remember when I started listening to metal, basically I think I already came from the hospital where I was born to listen to metal”, says the composer. Another moment was when he started to learn to play instruments “my first instrument was the piano, although it was against my father’s will, because for him, the distortion-filled electric guitar was the only obvious option. I started taking lessons of non-formal education at the age of 8. After 2, 3 years the instrument stopped me from being interested and at 12 I started to learn viola/guitar”. The last and decisive moment was “when I started listening to music other than metal. This phase was very important for me as a musician. I had the opportunity to socialize with friends from different backgrounds and with different tastes in music during my adolescence. Today I can say I hear a little of everything”.

So how do you get this different sound from One Hundred Comets? Wilson Capitão explains that “I tried, house, hiphop, alternative electronics, chill, trap, and finally, after a few years, I tried composing for orchestra. I didn’t know anything about composition or arrangements for orchestra. The greatest contact with orchestra I had, it was with the Philharmonic of my country because my girlfriend plays oboe in this Philharmonic and to listen to classical music. The click to try orchestral things was made when I started listening to contemporary music with orchestra, namely Woodkid and Ibrahim Maalouf, among others”.

Wilson Capitão thus became a musician/composer entirely, dealing with all aspects of creation and conclusion “the recordings were made in my house and I was the one who produced and composed the whole theme. Only the mastering was done by someone else, André Tavares”, explains us.

We remember that Wilson Capitão, before editing his first single in his own name, was responsible for the orchestrations of, for example, the theme People Who Cais Barefoot of Dead Combo or Green Years by Carlos Paredes.

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