New single “Encanto” by Ricardo Tê

now on digital platforms

Encanto” is without a doubt the most personal song that Ricardo Tê has ever presented to his audience.

In the musician’s words, “Love is liking with flaws, it’s a peace within the confusion and frustrations that happen to us throughout our lives. It’s staying close and at the same time being proud of the person we have at our side.”

For Ricardo Tê, this song “is a message of hope and the certainty that wanting someone very much overcomes all barriers”. Furthermore, it is a synopsis of the relationships between what is good and what is less good, as Ricardo Tê explains to us: “At the same time, love must be shared by both, by the one who loves and by the one who is loved, only then can we respect the space and time of one of the other because we are already “someone” before the other person exists. And within all the sorrows there always comes a second or third opportunity that brings us joy and security back.”

“Encanto” is now available on digital platforms.

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