New single “Love You Better” by Edu Monteiro now available

Edu Monteiro’s single “Love You Better” is now available

Edu Monteiro is best known for being one of the most prominent producers of pop music in Portugal. After having released the debut single “You” in early 2020, “Love You Better” comes, a theme that will certainly be part of our summer

And how does this “Love You Better” theme come about? The author, Edu Monteiro, explains that “this theme was born because I feel that today (not only in love) there is an extreme need to immortalize moments through a photo, an Instagram post, or something similar. Nothing against it because it also I do it, but I would like to do less. I think that living in the moment, being in the present and the emotions that this gives us is so much better and healthier“.

Edu Monteiro, however, tells us that “this theme speaks not only about love, but about a love that is actually present in the moments of real life instead of a focus on the perfect and flawless love of social networks and appearances“.

Love You Better” is now available on all digital platforms.

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