New Single “Mamã” by Lucas Pina

Lucas Pina, a talented São Tomé artist, is ready to win the hearts of listeners with his authentic music. Descendant of two respected musical families, Pina and Garrido, Lucas Pina brings with him his heritage and passion for music.

Mamã” is an emotional ode to Lucas Pina’s mother. The song not only reflects how much he misses her but also evokes the longing for the small actions and gestures that a mother performs for her children. Upon leaving the maternal “skirt hem“, Lucas explores the complexity of becoming an adult, facing the responsibilities and challenges that adult life brings.

Born into a musical environment, Lucas Pina faced challenges from the beginning. The physical absence of his parents forced him to forge his path in music. Inspired by his father’s quest for international recognition, Lucas Pina aims to go further, creating a legacy of his own.

The love for music has always been present in Lucas Pina’s life. Experience in dance and theatre groups during high school sparked his interest. Still, it was a concert that not only revealed his talent but also allowed him to help his mother financially, which cemented his decision to pursue music.

Lucas Pina uses his music to convey deep emotions. “I sing what I experience, what I see and feel, often stories that aren’t even mine but with which I identify.” His compositions talk about longing, overcoming, willpower and victory, reflecting his personal experiences and touching on social themes and universal aspirations.

The artist defines himself “as an insatiable learner, I always seek to improve and evolve, I want to sing better, play better, dance more and interpret with faces and mouths while I feel what I sing. I want to be recognized as a hero for those who dream of achieving something that you find difficult to achieve.” His dreams include collaborating with the renowned Calema, a source of inspiration and support throughout his journey.

In his own words, “There is a song of mine that goes like this: “Hero, hero, a hero I will be my saviour, I will be a superstar” be your hero, be your hero and follow your dreams”. Lucas Pina encourages everyone to be their hero and follow their dreams. His music reflects the message that we are capable of shaping our destiny.

Lucas Pina is prepared to release several songs this year, exploring themes such as longing, overcoming and the transition to adulthood. This is just the beginning of a new battle in his musical journey.


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