‘Novos Ventos’ Community Festival mobilizes 200 amateur actors

The mobilization of communities in the county of Leiria to see and do theater is the goal of the festival Novos Ventos, which takes place between Sunday and July 7 and involves 200 participants from four parishes and five professional companies.

The festival invites for the first time a foreign company to participate – Elegant Elephant, from Galicia – and presents another novelty: it challenges the amateur actors to enter a film.

“Novos Ventos is a festival of experiences and we want to have all the performative areas present,” explains the festival’s director, Frédéric da Cruz Pires, from Leirena Teatro.

In each of the four adhering parishes – Arrabal, Bajouca, Pousos, and Marrazes – a director and an actor will work with the members of the participating associations, producing a film to debut on Sunday, in a program that also includes three plays by other local actors and a show of a professional company.

The festival takes place as a community because it involves about 200 members of Philharmonic, ranches, homes and other institutions in each of the parishes.

“We do not want Novos Ventos to be a room show, in which we wait for the public,” says the director.

The exercise goes through working with these amateurs in texts inspired by the identity or daily concerns of their associations, teaching them stage rules while reflecting on the process.

“This is a community festival that puts people to do theater and that brings quality spectacles to the parishes, to the people there and to see that the people of the city also go to these places,” explains the person in charge of Leirena.

On the way to the fifth edition, Novos Ventos conquered people for the theater: “We are not creating public. We are making people rediscover the theater because everyone had contact with theater in the basic school: the magician, the clown, the actor was going to tell stories. We want people to realize that theater is a time of celebration. ”

The festival begins on Sunday, in the parish of Arrabal, where, in addition to the local actors, act S.A. Marionetas, with “Don Roberto” and Project Crinabel, with “The party”.

At Bajouca, Novos Ventos arrives on the 23rd, with the Peripécia Theater as a guest. ‘Iceberg, the last show’ is the featured piece.

On the 30th, the festival arrives at Pousos, with ‘Dança da chuva’, by the Gentlemen Elefante Elegante.

The closure will be on July, 7, in the locality of Marrazes, which receives ‘Electra’, by the Chapitô Company.

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