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Now you can celebrate The Holy Week of Lent at home!

The Municipality of Braga and the Quaresma Commission provide an event for Christians to celebrate Easter at home

The Lent and Solemnities of Holy Week Commission, the Archdiocese of Braga and the Municipality of Braga have prepared a digital program that allows everyone to celebrate the Holy Week 2020 from home, with simple internet access.

In this event, contents will be shared (here) including live transmissions of the Eucharists, the repetition of last year’s Procession transmissions, the premiere of new episodes of the series ´Santos da Casa´ and other informative content about the Processions and the history of Holy Week in Braga.

This provides the community with an opportunity to experience the Holy Week of Braga in a symbolic but effective way. Away from direct contact, but close by remembrance and possible participation.

Full of secular traditions, Semana Santa de Braga is one of the greatest moments in the life of the City and this year, even with the conditions derived from the Pandemic of Covid-19, it will continue to be so.[0]=68.ARDDq6mzVpbBhNsyL27QkY_ut2uRNdgHJhLahWq07s-Fk5tutpb_OcA616GCUQpv7gLohQGsq57Zol2dGmlTP1zAkuPqvyZSlFh8OJY6AzixXpaprx-acwGBuezKgq1jzsl_Z0l4PaJBfy5whrtcaM1Vg8ANXyhh1j4NRzZk8SLXEqVlS8rfEGnvSR_KkieDCn5327jCmO873mF9LPj750GRLSp40AdhQ4OIu_3DTZ-zHrhgqwCZk3VA-cRG5jUKjM6Fbh0z4-piYD9HhRGT-zKXmm7xoLyjX07jSG8CAmkvsQ-I64IQTgeX4jsqcElz1PAdQ2y2wie1hC2jnkA9ZOr-IR3uk8Ln-bWAKw&__tn__=-R

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