NOWO bets on innovation with launch of television service for Android TV

NOWO enters 2020 by marking innovation by providing its customers with an Advanced TV service without the use of a carrier BOX.

To do this, customers can, from today, through their Android TV or Android Box, access the Play Store and download the NOWO TV App.
With a fast, intuitive, personalized interface, the NOWO TV App not only allows you to watch live TV and watch live content from the start, automatic recordings of the last 7 days, video club, personalized recommendations or suggestions of the most popular content.

Through any Android device (TV, box and smartphone), PC and iOS (iPhone and iPad), customers have a seamless cross-sectional experience across the NOWO TV environment.

“This is another example of innovation and appreciation of the concept of customer experience that we want to develop in the Portuguese market because it gives consumers what they are looking for most: personalized experiences focused on the principles of convenience, flexibility and convenience.”
-Jorge Rodrigues, Chief Marketing Officer of NOWO

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