NOWO/Oni Strengthens Management Team to Create Converged Carrier with Best Customer Experience

NOWO/ONI, a GAEA Inversion-owned telecommunications operator and managed by Inveready, and the MASMOVIL Group, have just announced a major reinforcement to their management team with the incorporation of three of the top Directors responsible for the telecommunications operator’s success. R.

The return to the telecommunications sector of these three professionals, with extensive experience and who have incorporated operator R from the outset, is of vital importance for the new phase that begins at NOWO/Oni. Together these three elements contributed to a value of over € 1,000M and made R the integrated operator with Spain’s most satisfied customers, in line with the MASMOVIL Group’s customer focus vision.

As of today, Miguel Venâncio, hitherto CEO of the Group, assumes the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors, retaining some executive functions, in addition to institutional representation and certain strategic agreements.
Arturo Dopico, who served as CEO of R Galicia for 18 years, has been appointed new CEO of the group, while Pablo Iglesias and Paco Rodeiro, who were also part of R Galicia’s success, assume the positions of Chief Financial Officer and Director. Strategic Planning, Control and Business Development of NOWO/Oni, respectively.

In addition to these moves, Carlos Conti, general partner of GAEA-Inveready, has been appointed as the new member of NOWO/ONI’s Board of Directors. GAEA-Inveready is a historical shareholder of the MASMOVIL Group which now also makes an investment commitment in Portugal.
The incorporation of these new elements, together with the extraordinary Portuguese team of NOWO/ONI, begins a new phase of success that aims to create a converged fixed and mobile broadband operator with presence throughout the Portuguese territory and with the best experience of the client.

“This team building ensures successful integration and optimization of operations to meet the demands of the market and our customers. It is a pleasure to have Arturo and his management team, which will allow us to achieve the goals of becoming a national carrier with the best customer experience. “
Miguel Venâncio, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NOWO/Oni.

“We are delighted to participate in a challenging project to become one of the benchmarks in telecommunications in Portugal. In this new stage, we would like to increase the choice of customers in most of the country from a project deeply rooted in Portugal and which now will receive a very strong push to grow and strive for excellence in customer service. “
Arturo Dopico, CEO of NOWO/Oni

“I want to welcome a management team that will be a guarantee of success.”
Meinrad Spenger, CEO of MASMOVIL Group

In turn, Carlos Conti, general partner of GAEA, highlighted “the huge growth potential of this operation in Portugal, in which we are willing to invest to ensure its growth”.

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