NOWO’s new campaign enhances customer choice freedom

NOWO has launched a new campaign whose offer allows customers to tailor their package, enhancing freedom of choice, transparency, and fairness in pricing.

With the motto “Freedom to create a package is topping”, the campaign aims to reinforce the positioning NOWO was born within 2016, enabling customers to create a tailor-made package, starting with a base service of € 20 per month with 120 meg internet. The customer has the ability to compose the service he wants by increasing the speed of the internet, the range of wifi and adding toppings ranging from 90 or 140-channel television, two boxes, two voice plans, and the possibility of having Up to 6 cards with different plans up to 5GB for mobile.

“With this campaign, we reinforce freedom of choice by giving all consumers the ability to tailor the service they want to subscribe to their real needs, not having to buy what they don’t need. In addition, we reinforce the values ​​of price transparency and fairness by taking a new stance based on the adoption of round prices, meaning we do not want consumers to be fooled into seeing psychological prices, rounded to 99 cents, to have the feeling who are doing a good business or hard to do the math.

As a rule, NOWO now presents itself as having the most competitive prices on the market – we don’t need to use these devices to look cheaper, ”says Jorge Rodrigues, NOWO Chief Marketing Officer.

The campaign, creatively led by the agency By counts with the presence of the cast of the project “LAST FLOOR” that has a partnership with NOWO for advertising campaigns and for social media content. NOWO bets on a younger and more familiar segment and above all on young promises of entertainment.

The campaign consists of several films that will be shown on TV and on social networks that, in a free and fun way, present and exemplify the freedom of choice in the acquisition of NOWO services, and the simplicity and transparency in the communicated product. The campaign is still present in OOH and digital.


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