NTT DATA torna-se mecenas da 42 Lisboa para promover formação de talento na área da programação

The company believes that the bet on an innovative pedagogical model will boost the development of national talent in the area of ​​technologies

NTT DATA Portugal, a global business and technology consultant that reinvents and transforms organizations through innovation, becomes a patron of 42 Lisboa, an educational institution with an innovative pedagogical model, dedicated to training talent in information technologies (IT ).

This commitment by NTT DATA recognizes the importance of investing in innovative training models that are complementary to traditional teaching, in the training of talent in the area of ​​information technologies, which is increasingly scarce due to the growing need for the digital transformation of organizations.

42 Lisboa’s teaching model also represents an opportunity for the IT sector to expand its recruitment base to new profiles, coming from other areas of knowledge and activities, without age constraints or previous training, thus contributing to the reconversion of careers towards an area of ​​current full employment.

42 Lisboa is one of the best training schools in the world in the IT area, which stands out for its difference. It presents itself as a school without classes, without schedules, without teachers, 100% free and that guarantees professional opportunities for all its students. It is open 24 hours a day, follows a learning model based on projects of evolutionary complexity, with the process being guided and evaluated by peers, which encourages the sharing of knowledge and the development of skills such as communication and teamwork. Admission is made by application and through a rigorous selection process, without the need for any prerequisites, a previous academic or professional path, or experience in the area of ​​information technologies.

42 Lisboa is an institution that values ​​diversity, inclusion and innovation, values ​​shared by NTT DATA and which are fundamental in the development of multidisciplinary projects, such as those developed by NTT DATA.

Tiago Barroso, CEO of NTT DATA Portugal, says he is “very pleased with this association with 42 Lisboa, as it is an organization with which NTT DATA shares a set of values ​​and in which it reviews part of its business model, which involves attracting and developing talent in the area of ​​information technologies. It is common knowledge that this is an area with a great shortage of talent, which is worsening as the digital transformation evolves and, therefore, it is essential to invest in and develop alternative teaching formats, complementary to the traditional, that facilitate the training professionals in this area. At NTT DATA we think ahead and we believe in those who think the same way, so the association with 42 Lisboa came naturally.

The partnership with 42 Lisboa thus reinforces NTT DATA’s commitment to talent development, historical and current practice of the company, namely through internal and external talent reskilling and upskilling programmes. Initiatives that are particularly relevant in the current context, in which new ways of working are imposing themselves and organizations are reinventing their business models, which adds relevance to the development of new teaching models that respond to these needs.

In turn, Pedro Santa Clara, Director of 42 Lisboa, reinforces that “Since the opening of the school, we have registered more than 20,000 applications, which demonstrates the growing need that young people and professionals feel to consolidate knowledge in the area of ​​technology. The support of partners such as NTT DATA allows us to strengthen the learning experience offered to our students, and encourage the development of skills aligned with the challenges faced by large technology companies.

Remember that 42 is a school with a presence in more than 30 cities around the world, having opened its first campus in Portugal in July 2020.

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